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Fertility Kits


Fertility Kits

Conceiveplease, his & hers comprehensive pre-conception to pregnancy fertility kits complete with a range of his and her fertility supplements and products combined with simple step by step educational information to assist you with conception.

  • Remove the guess work, know you are doing everything right
  • Helps pin point your most fertile days.
  • Provides Pre-conception support with specialised vitamin supplements that support male & female fertility
  • Easy to follow steps
  • Use for first, second, third child…

Fertility Kits to Men and Women

Help optimize your chances of conceiving!

We know that for some trying to get pregnant can be a stressful time. It’s easy to feel worried and frustrated when it seems to happen so easily for people around you.

Sound familiar?

Well don’t worry!

conceivepleaseTM is specifically designed to aid you in conceiving in the privacy of your own home complete with all the necessary tools in one easy to use pregnancy assistance kit

What’s in the Fertility Kit!

  • A DVD showing you easy step by step instructions on what to do and how to use the conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kits for women to help you conceive.
  • Plus an 8 page booklet with step by step instructions of use.
  • A special “Getting Pregnant Naturally” book giving you all the nuts and bolts medical facts you need to know about fertility and human conception, to conceive.

Fertility Kit

Just some of what is covered in this book is everything you need to know about:

  • Conceiving
  • Preparing for fertility
  • The menstrual cycle
  • Strategies for monitoring ovulation
  • There is also a men’s chapter on looking after sperm to make sure they are at peak fertility.
  • Testing your fertility
  • One month supply of conceivepleaseTM Preconception & Pregnancy Vitamins

These vitamins have been specially formulated to…

  • Support healthy female reproduction
  • Give you all the folic acid and iodine you need for pregnancy plus an additional 16 essential vitamins to support fertility health and pregnancy
  • One month supply of conceivepleaseTM SpermPlus® for men Only vitamins
  • Each tablet contains a combination of the important antioxidants, nutrients and minerals that may support male fertility and sperm health.
  • The formula is based on scientific and medical evidence and includes the antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, lycopene, garlic oil, folic acid, zinc, vitamin D and calcium.

Knowing your day of ovulation is vital if you want to optimize your opportunity of getting pregnant.

That is why inside your conceiveplease™ fertility kit you will get:

  • One box of the conceivepleaseTM One Step LH Urine Ovulation test, containing 5 ovulation test sticks with instructions of use on how to detect the day of ovulation. These are designed to detect your day of ovulation and pinpoint your most fertile time by detecting the LH surge in your urine at this time.
  • The conceivepleaseTM digital thermometer to check for changes in your basal body temperature to help determine around your day of ovulation.
  • The conceivepleaseTM fertility calendar to help you track your menstrual cycle and help predict your most fertile days.

Fertility Calendar is included in the Fertility Kit

When you can track your most fertile time you maybe one step closer to improving your chances of getting pregnant. Our fertility calendar helps you do just that. As you monitor temperature changes and the LH surges that will help you detect your most fertile time.

After using the conceiveplease fertility kit and following its instructions you may want to have a reliable test for detecting an early pregnancy.

  • In your kit you have 2 test sticks of the conceivepleaseTM One Step HCG pregnancy test to aid in detecting an early pregnancy.

Experience shows us that once couples make the decision to start a family they want to conceive as soon as possible. If this sounds like you the fertility kit can provide you with the necessary tools and easy steps to help a natural pregnancy.