About Dr Raewyn

Introducing Dr Raewyn Teirney, Founder of conceiveplease™

With more than 20 years’ experience in gynaecology and fertility, Dr Raewyn Teirney is passionate about helping couples and single mums fulfill their dreams of starting or expanding their family.

After beginning her studies at Auckland University Dr Raewyn graduated as a Master of Medicine in Reproductive Health and Human Genetics at The University of Sydney. On completing her obstetrics and gynaecology training in Sydney, Dr Raewyn moved on to work as a clinical lecturer at Cambridge University and at Bourn Hall IVF Centre in England - one of the world’s leading centres of IVF research and clinical excellence.

In the years that followed, Dr Raewyn encountered many patients having trouble conceiving naturally. She discovered that, in many of those cases, it was due to a lack of information - whether that be working out how to determine the optimum times to conceive or understanding the importance of overall physical health and nutrition to boost fertility.

Dr Raewyn also works as a fertility specialist at The Royal Hospital for women in Sydney and has a private fertility practice with IVF Australia. Armed with years of experience and the knowledge of the emotional and physical toll of infertility, Dr Raewyn has built a reputation for offering personalised and professional support to couples looking to conceive naturally, and to same-sex couples and single women who are eager to start their own families with the help of IVF Australia’s donor program.

Passionate about making the family-planning journey a positive and compassionate experience, Dr Raewyn is renowned for her caring and patient approach. As a prospective parent you can be sure that Dr Raewyn is open to your wishes and will explain the process ahead thoroughly and clearly to ensure you fully understand all the options available to you.

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while without success, don’t give up hope. Download the conceiveplease™ fertility app to track your fertility health and help optimise your chance of conceiving naturally and support you throughout your pregnancy journey.

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About Conceive Please

Conceive Please Pty Ltd is a company passionate about empowering couples to start or grow a family naturally. We are dedicated to the development of a period tracking and fertility app that help improve your chances of conceiving a baby naturally.

Your pregnancy journey

Preparing for pregnancy

A good preconception plan to educate yourself about your fertility cycle and implementing recommended lifestyle changes optimises your chances of conceiving naturally.

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Monitoring ovulation

In order to pinpoint your fertile window, you need to be aware of the length of your menstrual cycle. The average length of menstruation is 28 days.

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During pregnancy

The female body will evolve dramatically within this time and there are many nutritional and lifestyle changes that will be necessary to meet the needs of a growing healthy foetus.

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