Why You Need Pregnancy Supplements

When it comes to health during pregnancy, everyone wants the best for themselves and their growing bump. For the most part, it should be one of the most exciting times of your life. However, it can also be a confusing and overwhelming time for some mothers-to-be.

The internet, magazines and advertisements flood women with advice on how to stay healthy during pregnancy. While most women know that high-mercury seafood, alcohol and cigarettes are off-limits during pregnancy, many aren’t totally certain about where they stand on pregnancy supplements. Information on the best pregnancy supplements often varies between sources, making things more complicated.

Consuming the right nutrients is important at every stage of life, especially during pregnancy as women need to nourish both themselves and their growing babies. During pregnancy, a woman’s vitamin and nutrient intake needs grow significantly, and just like medications, all pregnancy supplements should be approved and supervised by your doctor to ensure that they are necessary and taken in safe amounts.

What are pregnancy supplements?

The best pregnancy supplements are specially formulated to meet the increased demand for micronutrients and vitamins during pregnancy. While they are not meant to replace a healthy diet, they may help prevent nutritional gaps by providing extra micronutrients and vitamins that are in high demand during pregnancy.

Observational studies have shown that taking supplements for pregnancy can reduce the risk of preterm birth and preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a potentially dangerous complication characterised by high blood pressure and possibly protein in the urine.  

What supplements for pregnancy should you be taking?

The need for iron increases significantly during pregnancy, as maternal blood volume can increase by nearly 50%. Iron is critical for oxygen transport and healthy growth and development of the fetus and placenta. You can boost your chances of consuming the recommended intake of 27 mg iron per day through all good pregnancy supplements. 

Folate is a B vitamin that plays an integral role in DNA synthesis, red blood cell production and fetal growth and development. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate found in many pregnancy supplements. It gets converted into the active form of folate, L-methylfolate, in the body. Although adequate folate can be obtained through diet, many women don’t eat enough folate-rich foods, making supplements for pregnancy necessary. It can help to reduce the risk of defects and abnormalities, and boost the chances of a healthy pregnancy. 

Iodine is a mineral found in food — and one of the most essential minerals a fetus needs for brain development and physical growth. While our bodies require only the teeny-tiniest amount of it (only 5g over the course of a 70-year lifetime!), that little bit is really important. During pregnancy, iodine maintains the normal function of the thyroid, a gland in the base of your neck that regulates the hormones controlling your metabolism, heart rate, body temperature and other core body functions. Getting enough ensures that your baby develops a healthy and normal thyroid, too. Iodine deficiency when you’re preparing for your new arrival is mostly preventable by taking supplements for pregnancy. 

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. It also helps your body’s nerves, muscles and immune system work, which will help protect your body from infection. Your baby also requires vitamin D to help their bones and teeth grow. The best pregnancy supplements will contain vitamin D to support this. You can also incorporate fatty fish like salmon, and milk and cereal into your diet to boost your daily D dosage. Coming into contact with sunlight can also help, although always be mindful about safety precautions, especially when you’re pregnant. 

How should I take pregnancy supplements?

The conceiveplease Pre-conception and Pregnancy vitamins have been specially designed to support pre-conception health and provide micronutrients important for the increasing needs of pregnancy and a growing baby. A team of Australian fertility experts have formulated a simple daily pill that can help provide you with everything you need to stay healthy during your pregnancy. There are 30 tablets in each box divided into 3 blister packs. Please ensure you read the label and use as directed of one tablet daily.

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